The Qur’an: A Great Source of Blessing

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Assalamu Alaikum Warrahmatullahita’ala Wabarakatuhu!

One of the most beneficial acts we can perform in the month of Ramadan is the recitation of the Holy Qur’an. Abu Muhammad Yusuf in the post below, highlights the blessings inherent in the Qur’an.

1310069051a68l9fThe Qur’an is indeed a great miracle and source of blessing. The month of Ramadan, also known as the month of Qur’an, is a time that many Muslims rejuvenate their faith and take heed of the truth sent by Allah in the Qur’an unto mankind. Allah says: “This is the Book (the Qur’an), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are Al-Muttaqoon (the pious and righteous persons)” (Qur’an- 2:2).

A true miracle, manifestation of excellence, beautiful composition, wonderful coherence, accuracy in narration in both past and future events…It can only be The Qur’an – The Word of Allah and The Final Testament to Humanity. The Messenger…

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Ramadan- Day 22

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It is mustahabb in the sense of being strongly recommended in Ramadaan to study the Qur’aan together and to read it a great deal. You may study the Qur’aan together by reciting it to someone else and by having someone else recite it to you during the nights of Ramadan and the evidence that this is mustahabb is the fact that Jibreel(as) used to meet the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) every night in Ramadaan and study the Qur’aan with him.

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6; Muslim, 2308.
Reading Qur’aaan is mustahabb in general, but more so in Ramadaan.



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Waiting from you !


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“Save yourself from hellfire by giving even half a date-fruit in charity.” – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

HelpingHandsLast few weeks, I didnt post my blog due to some laboratory work with animals. but I tried to write in my micro blogging. Hope all writers are happy and doing well here. Actually I think, my post want to be helpful for Vimal Kumar, he is one of the my freind at Bharathidasan University. He is a cancer patient, who get treatment from RCC. I request to you, please help him as soon as possible.

I hope real humans never avoid this request. Insha Allah !!!

I got a letter from Vimal Kumar, he is really great one and we also need him in future too. I posted his request here. I hope you people will help and consider this request from him.

Dear Friends,

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Thank you for your kind help friends.
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Honey .. Honey …


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honeyHoney has tremendous medicinal value, because it washes away the harmful substances that might be collected in the veins and the intestines. In addition dissolves excess moisture, is beneficial as a drink and as an ointment, it is of great value for the elderly, and those suffering from phlegm and cold moods or condition (chills). Honey is nutritious, softens one’s bowel  movement and is a good preserving agent. In addition, honey reduces the bitter taste of other medicines, cleanses  the liver and the chest, aids in producing urine, and dissolves the phlegm that is accompanied by  coughing. When honey is consumed hot and mixed with rose oil, it cures animal bites and the effects of opium. Taking honey mixed with water helps against the bite of a rabid dog and the effects of eating poisonous mushrooms. If fresh meat is kept in honey, it preserves its freshness for three months. Likewise if aourds, cucumbers and eggplants are kept in honey, they too will be preserved.

Honey  In  addition  whitens  the  teeth, preserves their health and the health of the gums, opens  the orifice of the veins along with causing the flow of menstruation. Furthermore, licking honey on an empty  stomach will hell ‘the body get rid of mucus and phlegm. It cleanses the stomach and rids it of harmful substances or mixtures, heats the stomach mildly and opens up the  pores. Honey has similar effects on the kidneys, the prostate and theliver. Furthermore,honey is the least  harmful sweet substance for congesting the liver and kidneys.

Bee Swarm in Apple tree-orchardHoney is In addition a food, a drink, a sweet, a remedy, a type of refreshment  and  an  ointment,  along  with its numerous medicinal values. Therefore, there is no other substance that  is more beneficial  than honey or that  even rivals its value. This is why the people of old relied on honey,for most of the books of old do not mention  sugar, as this was discovered in modern times.

 The prophetic Medicine by Ibn  Qay’em  El-Jozeyah explained well about various diseases and their medicines.

“Mind – Pencil – Paper”


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Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day

My friend, she is a good blogger, well knowledge about computers and also more interested in Twitter. I really like her enthusiasm for searching new and uncommon topic for blogging. She really makes some wave around us through her blog. I really  happy to congratulate her, and am showing you few drawings from her.


pic35pic36This Women’s day, I would like to share with you the thought process of the great poet Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar on this occasion who in 1910 composed the poem envisioning women of India.


This beautiful poem brings out the profile of emerging women.

Emerging Women
She walks with raised head,
With her eyes looking straight,
She has her principles,
Unafraid of anybody!
She has a lofty
And knowledge based pride,
Such cultured women,
Don’t falter from the chosen path.
She drives ignorance away.
She welcomes the bliss of life.
With learned mind,
This is the Dharma
Of emerging woman.

The dream of the poet, I am sure, will become a reality of life for the women and also women must think about themselves who they are. My best wishes to all the friends, for Women success in their educational, Social and moral  mission.  I hope my friends will make better in future and they will give more contributions  in the field of Science, Technology, It and and also politics .. :) :)


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