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Parents have made every effort raising their children: they afford to children food and shelter, paid for children’s education and help shaping children’s value. Therefore, when children grow up, they should care for their parents as a reward. Today, although the family ethic changes and most young people choose to work in big cities living parents in their home town, they still care for their parents in other ways such as sending money back to parents or hiring nurses.

From this problem, we know that the qualities a good son or daughter should possess indeed have undergone some changes. Today, being a good son or daughter is much easier than in the past since many constraints have been removed.

How to be a good son?

Every child wants to make their parents proud. The same time every parent feels pride and grace. When their children achieve something in life, the parent will be happier. One of the best ways to make your parents proud is to have good relationships with others (Friends/ family relation /Teachers etc..). Your parents will be so way you interact with others, and they will be happy with you because of it. They will be so proud. You just spend time with your parents. A little time spent with your parents often achieve a better understanding of one another. Make time to be involved in issues that need attention and your time. The better level of understanding your parents; just try to see things from their point of view instead of your own and give them credit for the wisdom they have acquired from their own experience. If any problem situation, where you have to take better decisions from your parents and their advice will help you a lot, because a parent is always willing to lend their experience to their son. Be an obedient son; Just obey your parents instructions. You already know your parents have seen more world then you and as a result their talk comes out of their years of experience.

Every parent always thinks about their child’s academic career. In this time you perform well in academic as well as the extracurricular activities. If you perform well, your parents will be happy and reward you for being a great son. This will give them great comfort in knowing their investment in you has not gone wasted. All the parents expect that their son will not do any wrong deed and will not go against the family values. So make sure you cultivate and nurture your family values.

We sacrifice something for them without anything in return. Our parents are our strength and we just sacrifice something for them is the best activity that a son can do. This will bring them great joy and make you feel wanted and needed as well. Be always with them in their happiness and distress. It will give them a lot of care as they wish that from you. In this time your presence is very important. Try to do everything that makes your parents happy like gifting them new clothes, taking them out to rejoice themselves, etc. You can make them feel proud by doing fun things with them. Please try to give boundless love; it will cure all their griefs and diseases (THE BEST MEDICINE IS YOUR LOVE).

Is there anyone want to use my ideas to be a good son? It is simply, you will find that to be a good son/daughter is not really difficult.