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 “I think, Most of the trouble in life comes from misunderstanding.’

When two people who are having a conversation do not understand each other, the usual complaint is that they are not speaking the same language. Misunderstand make in conversations between people from different States/different languages. Besides the direct affects in the conversations, it is harmful in for the further relations between these people. This reference to “a common language” generally means that if people are to understand each other, the same vocabulary is essential. However, this reference to a “common language” has another connotation, which is often overlooked: mutual comprehension also requires using the same system of logic, since, despite a widespread misconception, there is more than one. But some people don’t know “common language” like English or have no fluency in particularly. It is a big problem and to make misunderstanding between friends or even relations.

Misunderstanding, The common case is people usually can not command a long sentence in local languages. They use short sentences only and miss some important ideas in their expression in play ground /class room/ in travelling time, believing that their friends already understand them. They don’t know that is may have bad affects.

So, there are many reasons of the misunderstanding and they could badly affect former good relations. The people should understand them to avoid any unnecessary annoying, or any break in relationship between friends.