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 The first time I saw her, talk to her, and try to be friend to her. I didn’t feel it special, really! I don’t think it was something special. She’s cute ? Oh yeaah she’s Very cute and some people said like that too. But, I don’t think it is a special thing. I don’t care about the face of someone because I’m also not a handsome boy , but still I don’t know who is SHE

My dearest cute girl ,its for you >>>>

                         Who are you ?

slideshow You are like a wandering  gust,

You are a never ending rain in me…

You are the ultimate meaning on this earth,

You are burning embers in my heart..

My wings are tired and I’m unsure about what is ahead..

Are you a lightening of love which knows no bounds,

Who are you ?

I’m searching.. I’m searching…

You are rushing forward,

I’m singing ..i’m singing for you.

You, as the darkness of wandering shadow,

Are an ever elusive tide?,

Are you a wound in the eye?,

Or the color of the evening sky?

What else remaining in you other than dreams?

Are you a flame in the soul which scatters?

Who are you ?

I’m searching.. I’m searching for you,

You are rushing forward..

I’m singing ..  I’m singing for you…

All my life I’ve been searching,

in my widest dreams..in my deepest fantasies..

close to you or far ?

You can be the beat o my heart,

Are you here ?

Tell me ….. who are you ?

I want to lie awake to the smell of coffee..

I want to walk with you by the sea,

I want you to hold my hand ..

You and me …. making new destiny..

Who are you ?

I’m searching..

I’m searching you dear everywhere….