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Education is a word with a vast meaning. It is not merely what is taught inside the four walls of a classroom. It is something more. Education is the training that helps a man to become a gentleman. It can never be perfect by learning the printed lessons byheart. By learning only what is taught in the classroom, a student may be able to fetch good marks in the examination. But he may be a failure in practical life. In an age in which pragmatism determine the very destiny of an individual, education should primarily teach him how to live. If that motive should be fulfilled, education should be well balanced with all essential factors.

educationIn the present education system, certain prescribed books are given maximum importance. We often forget that a few selected books can give only limited knowledge. Perhaps that limitation is one of the outstanding handicap of our educational setup. We shall not be able to overcome this handicap unless we give importance to general reading. Every student must make it part of their daily life to read something in general addition to what is prescribed in the syllabus. Reading of newspaper, contemporary periodicals, books of general information and books by good authors will help a student know the pulse of the time in which he lives. A man with a taste for general reading is sure to become a gentleman.

One of the drawbacks of our present education system is that it is still based on outdated concepts. The present education teaches a lot, but shows much less. It must change. Only by observing can, learning be complete. It is in these circumstances that the relevance of excursion becomes importance. Seeing is certainly believing, seeing is also learning. A visit to a place of historical, scientific or religious importance would give us a lot of knowledge. It would be hundred times more effective and clear than what is learned from books. In fact, such an excursion can solve the present deficiency in education as a tonic can solve vitamin deficiency.