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Ya ALLAH, Thank you very much for giving another year !!

 It feels great that people here to wish me, because of  Today is my birthday.  Thank you very much for who are wishing me …

In my personal opinion, I  don’t  like celebrating birthday. Many  poor people living around us, let us spare a moment to help them for survive and thrive, because we need them all .If God has given us another year of life than we must thank him for that and do more good things in EVERYDAY (Not that day only )

imagesThe best of speech is the Book of Allaah and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The most evil of things are those which have been newly invented (in Muslim religion), and every innovation is a going astray. Islam teaches Muslim to have a unique character and to be distinguished with other religions. A Muslim is weaned on morality and avoiding blind imitation. Islam supports the celebration of a birthday if it is an expression of gratitude to God for His bounties, sustenance and blessings in man’s life, as long as that celebration does not include anything that may displease Allah, the Almighty.  In Islam, birthdays are not considered `eid (a festival) like `Eidul-Fitr’ or `Eidul-Adha’, because `eids have conditions and guidelines such as not being allowed to fast during the days of Eid. Therefore, birthdays are simply occasions of a person’s date of birth and are a matter of culture. If a person wants to commemorate his/her date of birth, then he/she may do so, especially if he/she takes the opportunity to reflect on the past and pledge to be better during the following year. However, to make the birthday an important occasion is not recommended or encouraged. A Muslim has a distinguished personality. He /she should not imitate others in evil things and leave the good ones. In birth-day, we should remember the blessings of God and praise Him for giving them life and guidance. It would be better if we ask them to offer something in charity as a form of showing gratitude.

Just think about this ;

What-are-the-something-of-poor-most-lackKeep an eye out for those who are in need in your community. They don’t have to necessarily say they are in need. Their physical condition might give away the sad truth, even if they are too noble to speak about it. Make a private list of those who you think are in need and then make a point to visit them and see their condition at home to investigate what their situation is and how you and the community can help.

 Tell those of My servants who believe that they should establish Prayer and spend out of what We have provided them with, both secretly and openly, before there arrives the Day when there will be no bargaining, nor any mutual befriending ”

― Prophet Muhammad (swa)

 Gandhi_smiling_RThere are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread ”

― Mahatma Gandhi

 Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat ”

― Mother Teresa

 Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime ”

― Aristotle