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Well I know is pretty late to wish Happy Friendship Day but better late then never right?

Any ways I wanted to thank my family and friends near and dear one who have stood with me in my good and bad times/ turn of my life. Friends who are no more but still in my heart I miss them to and I thought better put it on here in words and mention my gratitude and thank all of you.

I don’t know how to explain about friendship with  my colleagues. So I thought why not mention an example which shows the importance of people behind my growth prosperity. This post might give you a clear picture of the importance of Family and Friends in my life and in making me a better person ( I may not be the good man, but I think my Friends and Family made me a better human being.) . I think this is my way of expressing how important you mean to me, Thank you Almighty God for giving my friends  and family, my Rinu also.

When I was small I used to listen to music like all the other children of my age. That time it  was mostly Malayalam songs, The likes of  Yesudas and many more great singers of the 90’s. The song sung by this singers had meaning in it. The lyrics were so heart touching especially my favorite songs. But that time once thing was missing we didn’t say any musician around them. We just watched the song in some movie or Radio. Cassette were expensive,  but Tv were not introduced till in my village. And hearing songs in one small Walk man was a distant dream. The only thing that time which was  famous was Walk man. The Red coloured sony walkman (Because red colour is my favorite ).

Slowly things started changing, Tamil  songs started coming to my mind  .One day my neighbours and me were waiting  his house  to watch a live Cricket match between India  vs Pakistan. There was still time to go when a song from Sun Tv started playing. My ears and my eyes were glued to the tv, I like that song and found that film. The song had nice, the dancing was so beutiful and the only thing which was irritating was why so many people with him when he is dancing. My freinds teach me more….

These are some of the name who made a difference in my life. And to those who are not named I must have missed you but you know you all are in a deep part of my heart and you know how you have made a difference in my life and also those who didn’t know me but had faith in me.

Thank you,

Mom, Dad, and my other relatives, (a huge number of people)

Thank you friends to name few of the whole.

Safuvan ,Nishad, Asar, Nishan, Lokesh kumar, Rashid, Arun, Yunus, Rinshid, Sajeesh, Rishin,  Chacko,  Appu, Anil, Muthu, Nishad ,Shajahan, Sidique, Surej, Jijo , Jithin , Sunil,fazal mohammed , Muhsin, Akhil, Salman, Vipindas, Shafeek, Sarshad,  Asif, Juraige, Thouseef, Jaleel, Sameer and more ….

 Sorry to all those I missed out but will add as soon as I start upgrading the numbers. Again I may have missed mentioning your name in this page, But you are there in the deepest part of my heart. Love you all.