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Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day

My friend, she is a good blogger, well knowledge about computers and also more interested in Twitter. I really like her enthusiasm for searching new and uncommon topic for blogging. She really makes some wave around us through her blog. I really  happy to congratulate her, and am showing you few drawings from her.


pic35pic36This Women’s day, I would like to share with you the thought process of the great poet Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar on this occasion who in 1910 composed the poem envisioning women of India.


This beautiful poem brings out the profile of emerging women.

Emerging Women
She walks with raised head,
With her eyes looking straight,
She has her principles,
Unafraid of anybody!
She has a lofty
And knowledge based pride,
Such cultured women,
Don’t falter from the chosen path.
She drives ignorance away.
She welcomes the bliss of life.
With learned mind,
This is the Dharma
Of emerging woman.

The dream of the poet, I am sure, will become a reality of life for the women and also women must think about themselves who they are. My best wishes to all the friends, for Women success in their educational, Social and moral  mission.  I hope my friends will make better in future and they will give more contributions  in the field of Science, Technology, It and and also politics .. 🙂 🙂