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Childhood is the world of fancy. This blooming period of life has vigour, breath and enjoyment too. We know that Toys are always makes happy and it is the world of children are enough to comfort their sad heart. Very often we elders are unknowingly hurt their little heart. The harsh words from elders may shatter the kid’s innocent mind and the kids must finds solace amidst their favorite toys every time. You know, Sekolah Alam Bengawan Solo, one of the school at Indonesia. I really liked their cute kids and they are really interacting with nature. These small kids are feel happy, enjoy with studies here. They also hope that it would be reach a great level of personal experience and useful for their future. I would like to share few pictures and if you want know more, just visit their FB page. Finally I thank to my friend for supporting and giving photographs from her blog. I believe, you people will be like this photos.

Hey, dear “Sekolah Alam Bengawan Solo group“, all the best for your works and you are in my prayers. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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